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Electronic conference «Electric power industry. New technologies»

     Уважаемые коллеги!
     Интернет портал «Онлайн Электрик» ( приглашает научных работников, преподавателей, аспирантов и студентов российских и зарубежных ВУЗов, сотрудников научно-исследовательских и отраслевых организаций принять участие в работе постоянной электронной конференции «Электроэнергетика. Новые технологии».
     Публикация научных материалов и трудов электронным способом является равноправным видом традиционной научной публикации. Оформление библиографических ссылок в соответствии с ГОСТ Р 7.0.5 2008 является обязательным требованием ВАК РФ к научным публикациям, в том числе электронным.
     По данным Российского индекса научного цитирования (РИНЦ) более 30% статей, опубликованных на нашем ресурсе, процитированы научным и экспертным сообществом.
     Направления конференции:
     1. Электроэнергетика;
     2. Электротехника.

Преимущества участия в конференции

Правила участия в конференции

Conference materials

The urgency of energy saving and energy efficiency improvement is an existing factor influencing the optimal operation of industrial enterprises
T.U. Atamrzaev, K.M. Faizullaev
Priority date: 24.05.2018

Program for the selection of neutral mode of electrical networks 6-35 kV
Bastrykin K.V., Gutov I.A.
Priority date: 23.04.2018

A mathematical model for estimating the autotransformer resource consumption at atmospheric -200,000/220 (220/100/10 kV), taking into account its operation modes
D.A. Rakhmanov
Priority date: 31.03.2018

Analysis of ways and means to optimize the modes of rural electrical networks
Kichigina E.M.
Priority date: 21.12.2017

Single-wire resonant lighting system
Ivanova M.A., Babarushkin V.A.
Priority date: 20.12.2017

Own generation of electricity for timber processing enterprise
Maslov E.S.
Priority date: 19.12.2017

Cooling device for autotransformers
D.A. Rakhmanov
Priority date: 29.04.2017

Prevention of transients arising in a limited power electric power system
T.U. Atamrzaev, K.M. Fayzullayev
Priority date: 30.03.2017

Improvement of the quality of electric power in matters of energy saving under the influence of distorting effects of filter compensating devices
T.U. Atamrzaev, K.M. Fayzullayev
Priority date: 30.03.2017

Features and objectives of the operational reliability of power autotransformers
Rahmanov D.A.
Priority date: 14.03.2017

Advanced ways to improve the diagnostic of power autotransformer
D.A. Rakhmanov
Priority date: 28.01.2017

Analysis of the balance reliability of electric power systems
V.A. Yuferitsyn, O.S. Vyatkina
Priority date: 11.01.2017

Development of relay protection and automation systems based on mathematical models
I.S. Zhigailov, O.S. Vyatkina
Priority date: 09.01.2017

Potential of a biomass and prospects of development of bio-energetics in Uzbekistan
J. Izzatullaev, K.M. Faizullaev
Priority date: 17.12.2016

Modern condition and prospects of development of bio-energetics in Uzbekistan
J. Izzatullaev, K.M. Faizullaev
Priority date: 17.12.2016

The use of transformers with amorphous steel core in rural power networks
M.A. Boloznev, V.V. Orlov
Priority date: 12.12.2016

Design and rationale for the selection of elements of electrotrishaw electric circuit
S.A. Churbanova, I.N. Smirnov, A.N. Alyunov
Priority date: 12.11.2016

Features of graph theory in electrical systems
Y.K. Tillaboev, Z.S. Makhmudov
Priority date: 18.06.2016

The role of the educational complex to improve the quality of students' knowledge
Z.S. Makhmudov, Y.K. Tillaboev
Priority date: 18.06.2016

Methods of using biogas installation
E.H. Berkinov, Y.V. Sakaeva
Priority date: 20.04.2016

Biogas purification installation
D.Zh.Holbaev, DB Abdurakhimova
Priority date: 08.04.2016

Increase of operational reliability of power transformers
G.N. Mustafakulova, D.A. Rakhmanov, M.H. Taniev, K.M. Faizullaev
Priority date: 12.03.2016

Analysis of the energy system stability by simulation in MATLAB
D.R. Yusupov, D.R. Holbaev, K.M. Faizullaev
Priority date: 12.03.2016

Autonomous photovoltaic power plant
M.Kh. Murodov, B.Kh. Murodov
Priority date: 01.02.2016

Autonomous solar installations with concentrators of the solar radiation
O.J. Yusupov, M.M. Dzhurabaev
Priority date: 27.01.2016

Ecological aspects of using of biogas technologies for organic waste
E.H. Berkinov, D.R. Yusupov
Priority date: 24.01.2016

Productivity increasing of the silkworm by means of electro physical effects
D.R. Yusupov, N.M. Makhmudov, F.F. Sharipov
Priority date: 23.01.2016

Automated system of control and metering of electricity on the basis of ADDAX
K.V. Kozhevnikova
Priority date: 17.01.2016

Aspects of energy saving using controlled electric drives
N.M. Aripov, A.B. Mamajonov, D.R. Yusupov
Priority date: 16.01.2016

Microprocessor control of the process of production and transmission of electricity
A.A. Danilov, N.M. Mahmudov, F.F. Sharipov
Priority date: 15.01.2016

The analysis of definition methods of a fault location on overhead lines
A.A. Lebedeva
Priority date: 15.01.2016

Energy savings by means of implementation in the production of asynchronous motors with the combined windings
D.Zh. Khalbaev, K.M. Faizullaev
Priority date: 05.01.2016

Research of the possibility of heat recovery of power transformer
R.F. Anvartdinov
Priority date: 13.12.2015

Electrical and thermal energy from biogas
Z.U. Saipov, I.Kh. Abduganiev
Priority date: 11.12.2015

Analysis of dynamic stability multimotor electrical system in co-operation of synchronous and asynchronous turbogenerators
D.A. Rakhmanov, D.B. Zayniev, K.M. Faizullaev
Priority date: 27.11.2015

A device for limiting the current single-phase ground fault (to the hull of ship)
R.S. Fedyuk, A.V. Molchanov, A.M. Timokhin, Z.A. Mutalibov, Y.Y. Ilyinsky
Priority date: 09.11.2015

Types of internal electrical schemes of industrial enterprises
V.V. Zaitsev
Priority date: 10.05.2015

Calculation of electromagnetic field of excitation winding AC machines
G.N. Mustafakulova, D.A. Rahmanov, K.M.Fayzullaev
Priority date: 12.03.2015

Organization of independent work of students of energy trends based on interdisciplinary connections
G.Dadamirzaev, M.G.Dadamirzaev, B.H.Abdulhafizov
Priority date: 13.02.2015

Photovoltaic plant 20 kW with automatic control
M.H. Murodov
Priority date: 01.02.2015

The choice of parameters of the systems to automate the calculation of the efficiency of electricity metering in the village
K.V. Kozhevnikova
Priority date: 27.01.2015

Improving the reliability of the auxiliary board in the 0.4 kV network through an integrated approach to the choice of switching devices
A.A. Lebedeva
Priority date: 27.01.2015

Problems of development of relay protection and solutions
A.A. Daminov, N.M. Mahmudov
Priority date: 20.01.2015

Formation of the equivalent circuit and the characteristic equation for testing of power transformer winding wiring diagram "triangle" by rectangular voltage pulses
N.A. Lebedev, D.V. Kokorin
Priority date: 14.01.2015

Switched reluctance motor with a high coefficient of electromagnetic reduction
N.T. Hai, N.M. Tuan
Priority date: 19.12.2014

The automatic control system performance Lintern machines
Z.E. Yusupov, J.O. Izzatillaev, B.A. Imomov, B.N. Khaydarov, D.B. Kodirov
Priority date: 10.11.2014

Intelligent energy and development problems of Smart grid in Uzbekistan
Z.E. Yusupov, J.O. Izzatillaev, B.A. Imomov
Priority date: 10.11.2014

Optimization of parallel control device for reactive power compensation
P.V. Tabanakov
Priority date: 01.07.2014

Analysis of CHP in the "day-ahead" market
V.I. Ageyev, I.E. Mitrofanov
Priority date: 29.05.2014

Calculation and simulation of high-frequency transformer in single-ended flyback converter comprising
P.A. Koshelev, A.A. Tsariashvili
Priority date: 16.05.2014

Dynamics of automated electric drilling rigs
V.V. Alekseev, V.N. Yazev
Priority date: 04.05.2014

Computer modeling and solving the problems of electric power systems
M. Olimov, P. Karimov, S.M. Ismoilov
Priority date: 21.04.2014

Fitting information technologies in the calculation of electric circuits
G. Dadamirzaev, K.M. Faizullaev
Priority date: 15.04.2014

Жоғары сынып оқушыларының электротехникалық жұмыстарды орындауда жұмыс режимін дұрыс пайдалануын қалыптастыру
A.T. Batyrova A. Emіrbekova
Priority date: 10.04.2014

Жалпы орта білім беретін мектептерде электротехникалық бағыт бойынша сыныптан тыс жұмыстарды ұйымдастыру
N. Perizat
Priority date: 07.04.2014

«Технология» сабағы мазмұнындағы электротехникалық жұмыстарды оқыту ерекшеліктері
D.K. Poshaev, B.T. Ortaev, A.T. Batyrova
Priority date: 07.04.2014

«Технология» сабағында электротехникалық ұғымдарды кезе?деп қалыптастыру
D.K. Poshaev, B.T. Ortaev, A.T. Batyrova
Priority date: 07.04.2014

Saving energy at the metallurgical plant by the use of recycled water system
F.A. Hoshimov, D.B. Кodirov
Priority date: 05.04.2014

Efficient use of energy resources
F.A. Hoshimov, D.B. Kodirov
Priority date: 05.04.2014

Технологиялық білім берудің қалыптасу кезеңдері мен ерекшеліктері
Nauruzova M.M.
Priority date: 04.04.2014

Орта мектептердегі радиоэлектроника үйірме жұмыстарын жүргізу жолдары
Batyrova A.T., Suleymenova T.
Priority date: 02.04.2014

Оқушылардың электротехникалық біліктілігін арттыруды жүзеге асыру
Batyrova A.T., Amirova A.
Priority date: 01.04.2014

Research and design of micro-hydro
A.Sheraliev, Z.Toshbekova, E.Berkinov
Priority date: 31.03.2014

On the issue of improving the quality of lectures   future electric power industry
Z.S. Makhmudov, M.M. Toshmirzaev
Priority date: 31.03.2014

Home photovoltaic system with battery
M.H. Murodov, A.B. Mamajanov,E.H. Berkin
Priority date: 27.03.2014

Methods importance and sale electrical engineer teacher of middle on courses of optional class in schools
Batyrova A.T., Musurova G.
Priority date: 12.03.2014

Features of voltage multiplier in supply voltage and frequency of different shapes
A.A. Tsariashvili
Priority date: 11.03.2014

To Students on basis direction of electrical engineer professional orientation and polytechnic education
A.T. Batyrova, P. Kusbekova
Priority date: 10.03.2014

About the features of the control relay tripping coils of high voltage switches in microprocessor relay protection
M.A. Toshmirzaev, E.H. Berkin Elmurod, K.M. Faizullaev
Priority date: 02.03.2014

Mode optimization of power transformers
A.N. Alyunov, V.A. Babarushkin, O.S. Vyatkina
Priority date: 28.02.2014

Electrochemical activation of water environments
D.R. Yusupov, D.Z. Holbaev, E. Samadov
Priority date: 26.02.2014

Adaptive traction power supply system
A.P. Kuznetsov, A.V. Kulekina, V.I. Sopov
Priority date: 11.02.2014

Using interactive technology in teaching activities at the university
Z.R. Toshbekova, O.Y. Yusupov
Priority date: 05.02.2014

Activities project, based on the principles of educational technology
S.I. Nabiyev, O.U. Otamirzaev, D.N. Zokirova, S.K. Vahobova
Priority date: 04.02.2014

Opto-isolators based on semiconductor structures as a sensor of time, temperature, pressure, lighting and other.
S.I. Nabiyev, K.M. Faizullaev, K.B. Umarov
Priority date: 03.02.2014

Effect of UV radiation and the electro-water on silkworm productivity
D.R. Yusupov, T.W. Atamirzaev, D.D. Holbaev
Priority date: 01.02.2014

Biogas plant with photovoltaic panels for automatic control
M.H.Murodov, A.B.Mamadzhanov, D.Zh.Holboev
Priority date: 31.01.2014

Inhomogeneous semiconductors and devices based on them
S.I. Nabiyev, K.M. Faizullaev
Priority date: 30.01.2014

Methods of development of independent work of students during practical training
K.M. Fayzullayev
Priority date: 21.01.2014

Design and creation of the laboratory bench for the study of control systems energy efficient ventilation systems
A.V. Ledovskih
Priority date: 18.01.2014

Windmills in the Orenburg region
E.V. Khaustova, M.S. Zakharova
Priority date: 25.12.2013

Develop the program to predict the electromagnetic field of power supply facilities
B.K. Sivyakov, O.S. Avryasova
Priority date: 10.11.2013

Development of the program to determine the area of the scattering centers of electrical loads and construction of load Cartogram
N.Y. Utkina
Priority date: 23.10.2013

Analysis of the transition processes at startup diesel locomotives
S.V. Makarov, A.V. Bahvalova, O.A. Filatova
Priority date: 06.10.2013

IT-services for energy efficiency in power systems
A.N. Alyunov, V.A. Babarushkin
Priority date: 26.09.2013

The feasibility study for attracting partners to expand the production and sale of steering wheel electrobooster
U.M. Sulejmanov
Priority date: 23.09.2013

Developed and produced by "Aviaagregat-N" LLC test equipment supplied by electric locomotive factories
U.M. Sulejmanov
Priority date: 23.09.2013

Overview of test equipment "AVEM" LLC and "Aviaagregat-N" LLC Group
U.M. Sulejmanov
Priority date: 23.09.2013

Overview of electrical test equipment "Aviaagregat-N" LLC
U.M. Sulejmanov
Priority date: 23.09.2013

Semiconductor without-capacitor devices to start a three-phase squirrel-cage motor from single-phase mains when connecting the stator windings on a "star" and "triangle"
E.V. Gorlova
Priority date: 29.06.2013

Theoretical calculation of the mechanical properties of three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor start-up and operation of which is a single-phase mains using vector-algorithmic switching stator windings
M.I. Stalnaya, S.Y. Eremochkin, A.V. Eremochkina
Priority date: 25.06.2013

Method of operating an expander-generator unit
S.V. Goryachev, E.A. Vinogradov
Priority date: 21.06.2013

Fuel elements
A.A. Kabirov
Priority date: 05.06.2013

Biogas plant
A.S. Demin
Priority date: 04.06.2013

Recycling of solid waste
P.V. Pravedny
Priority date: 04.06.2013

Biogas plant for the home
D.V. Pravedny
Priority date: 03.06.2013

Wind power in the Orenburg region
M.S. Zakharova
Priority date: 03.06.2013

Mathematical model of the electromagnetic processes in the power transformer
B.N. Lobov, Al-Zuhairi M.S.I.
Priority date: 28.05.2013

The combined use of gas in the energy distribution stations
E.A. Vinogradov, S.V. Goryachev
Priority date: 24.05.2013

Technique of comparison of power supply options of oil-producing company
T.Y. Panikovskaya, D.A. Chechushkov
Priority date: 30.04.2013

Induction heaters. Perspectives and Applications
A.V.Sizonenko, N.V.Tkachenko
Priority date: 29.04.2013

Electric drive of drilling rigs of direct and alternating current: advantages and disadvantages
A.V.Sizonenko, N.V.Tkachenko
Priority date: 25.04.2013

Overview of applications of fuzzy logic in power industry
Y.V. Mironenko, V.A. Shakhnin
Priority date: 25.04.2013

Impact assessment of resistance of a circuit of single-phase short circuit on electrical safety conditions
L.V. Savitsky
Priority date: 17.04.2013

Prospects of development of small hydroelectric plants on the ropes (Modules River Star) in Russia
E.A. Baglaeva
Priority date: 15.04.2013

Automatic control system of outdoor lighting
S.I. Ivanov
Priority date: 31.03.2013

Overview of test equipment RPE "Electromash"
K.N. Isaev
Priority date: 09.03.2013

Physical model of "Distribution transformer - Unbalanced load"
S.S. Kostinsky, E.V. Novikova, V.V. Avramenko, I.N. Sitnikov
Priority date: 21.02.2013

Mathematical model of "Distribution transformer 10 (6) / 0.4 kV - Unbalanced load"
S.S. Kostinsky, J.A. Kabargina, E.G. Titarenko, A.S. Amirian
Priority date: 21.02.2013

The stand for experimental studies of generator mode of crane with DC drive
V.A. Skublin, V.V. Kaverin
Priority date: 12.01.2013

Features of DC electromagnets with retractable anchor
Шабанов А.С.
Priority date: 31.12.2012

Analysis of the power circuits of hybrid vehicle
Селиверстов Д.В.
Priority date: 31.12.2012

Combined power plant for modernization of rolling stock with heat engines
Курнаева Н.А., Маликова А.А., Пьяных А.Н., Селиверстов Д.В.
Priority date: 31.12.2012

Vibration protection mechanism for power plant
Гурова Е. Г., Колинченко А.О., Сергеев А.А.
Priority date: 31.12.2012

Development of the four-zone rectifier ladder for electric locomotive
Джаборов М.М., Волкова О.Л., Пьяных А.Н.
Priority date: 31.12.2012

Leakage currents of trolley
Аксенова Е.О., Кирзиёнок А. А., Шабалтас К. С., Бубякина С.Д.
Priority date: 31.12.2012

Assessing the impact of the quality of electric power to underground work
Дмитрушина Д.С., Журавель А.И.
Priority date: 31.12.2012

Electric car, built on the basis of car «Oka»
Вильбергер М.Е., Стрельникова Д.М., Баринова Е.А.
Priority date: 31.12.2012

Drive designing of hybrid car
D.D. Zabelina
Priority date: 31.12.2012

Improving energy efficiency of underground
E.G. Langeman
Priority date: 31.12.2012

Drive designing of hybrid car
O.A. Mikhaleva
Priority date: 31.12.2012

Modeling as a tool of the trailer energy calculations
A.O. Nevolina
Priority date: 31.12.2012

Increase the efficiency of solar cell by using power electronics
Мятеж С.В., Белицкий Д.А.
Priority date: 31.12.2012

Combined self-contained source of electrical energy
D.V. Chernyak
Priority date: 31.12.2012

Research results of impedance of power line in case of three-phase short circuit
S.Y. Lyubomirov
Priority date: 21.12.2012

Investigation of the electromechanical system "comparable power source - thyristor DC electric drive"
B.A. Spirin, N.V. Makarenko
Priority date: 11.12.2012

Трансформатор сварочный высокочастотный с магнитопроводом из аморфной стали
Сайгафарова Л.Х.
Priority date: 30.11.2012

Wireless transmission of electricity by relaying electromagnetic field
I.I. Mashkovtsev, E.A. Suslov, I.M. Pervakov
Priority date: 27.11.2012

Analysis of movement of lifts in office buildings and estimate the cost of electricity in a typical passenger traffic
V.I. Kozlyaeva, B.E. Zaberzhinsky
Priority date: 24.11.2012

Evaluating the effectiveness of lift transport high-rise buildings of special purpose
Е.В. Карташева, Б.Э. Забержинский
Priority date: 24.11.2012

К расчету мощности электромагнитного компенсатора жесткости
Гурова Е.Г., Батрутдинов С.Ф., Капитаненко В.Е., Кулекина А. В., Зоригт О., Вязовцев С.К., Ларин А.В., Курбатов В.С.
Priority date: 06.11.2012

Интеграция системы электроснабжения ГЕТ с автономными источниками энергии
Щуров Н.И., Абрамов Е.Ю.
Priority date: 06.11.2012

Многопараметрическая защита тяговой сети железных дорог постоянного тока
Кузнецов С.М., Демиденко И.С.
Priority date: 06.11.2012

Разработка стенда проверки на надежность усилителя электромеханического рулевого управления
Гурова Е.Г., Козицын Ю.А., Вахитов Н.Р., Вырвин А.Н., Мингазеев С.С., Курбатов В.С., Батрутдинов С.Ф.
Priority date: 29.10.2012

Разработка стенда прогона усилителя электромеханического рулевого управления
Гурова Е.Г., Козицын Ю.А., Вахитов Н.Р., Вырвин А.Н., Мингазеев С.С., Курбатов В.С., Батрутдинов С.Ф.
Priority date: 29.10.2012

Оптимизация режимов работы при совершении транспортной работы
Бирюков В.В., Неволина А.О.
Priority date: 29.10.2012

Моделирование движения троллейбуса с импульсным тяговым приводом постоянного тока
Щуров Н.И., Ярославцев М.В.
Priority date: 29.10.2012

Двадцатичетырехпульсный выпрямитель в системе распределенного электроснабжения постоянного тока с улучшенной электромагнитной совместимостью
Щуров Н.И., Степанов А.А.
Priority date: 29.10.2012

Исследование тяговых характеристик электромагнитов постоянного тока
Гурова Е.Г., Зоригт О., Немерович Е.О., Пушкарёва И.А., Д.М. Герасимова
Priority date: 29.10.2012

Использование средств диагностики для повышения энергоэффективности электрического транспорта
Калугин М.В., Новикова Е.С., Лангеман Э.Г.
Priority date: 29.10.2012

Способы повышения использования энергии электрического торможения подвижного состава
Сопов В.И., Курнаева Н.А., Иванов А.В.
Priority date: 29.10.2012

Электромеханическое преобразование энергии
Гурова Е.Г., Спиридонов Е.А., Кузнецов А.П., Перов С.А., Шмаков Д.А., Батрудинов С.Ф., Зонова Ж.В., Никитенко А.С.
Priority date: 29.10.2012

Оценка современных накопителей энергии на транспортных средствах
Штанг А.А., Михалева О.А.
Priority date: 29.10.2012

Методы и средства повышения энергоэффективности тягового электропривода
Щуров Н.И., Пьяных А.Н., Маликова А.А.
Priority date: 29.10.2012

Теоретическое обоснование концепции применения трубопроводной системы как пассажирского транспортного комплекса
Мятеж С.В., Гурова Е.Г., Воробьева А.К., Михалева О.А.
Priority date: 29.10.2012

Проектирование пассажирского трубопроводного транспортного комплекса
Гурова Е.Г., Мятеж С.В., Воробьева А.К., Капитаненко В.А., Кулекина А.Н.
Priority date: 29.10.2012

Исследование эффекта Зеебека
Гурова Е.Г., Щербаков С.В., Буш Е.В., Батурин Д.С.
Priority date: 29.10.2012

Виброизолирующее устройство с пониженным энергопотреблением
Гурова Е.Г., Гросс В.Ю., Старостин П.Г., Курбатов В.С., Колинченко А.О., Сергеев А.А.
Priority date: 29.10.2012

Разработка фазового регулятора на основе управляемого выпрямителя
Гурова Е.Г., Иванов В.В., Ледовских А.В., Батрудинов С.Ф., Капитаненко В.А., Кулекина А.Н.
Priority date: 29.10.2012

About application of a DC electromagnet in technique
Гурова Е.Г., Зоригт О., Немерович Е.О., Пушкарёва И.А.
Priority date: 26.10.2012

Methods of application of the eddy currents
Гурова Е.Г., Батурин Д. Е., Бондаренко О. Н., Бакин А. С., Вырвин А.Н., Мингазеев С.С.
Priority date: 26.10.2012

Vibration protection mechanisms of energy transport facilities
Гурова Е.Г., Гросс В.Ю., Курбатов В.С., Ледовских А.В.
Priority date: 26.10.2012

The use of sensitivity functions to energy problems
S.V. Schmidt, D.Y. Belova, B.Z. Kaliev
Priority date: 14.10.2012

Assessment of electrical drives based on neural network approach
Кононыхина Н.А., Рябов Е.И.
Priority date: 11.09.2012

Numerical experiments based on the mathematical modeling of the kinetics of the nuclear reactor
Volman M.A.
Priority date: 31.08.2012

Preconditions for development of small generation in Russia on the basis of industries processing peat
Lashin A.V.
Priority date: 30.06.2012

Temperature monitoring of electrical power cables. Fiber optic temperature measurement system
Valov P.G.
Priority date: 30.06.2012

Simulation of transients in power of bifuel turbine of center of energy on associated petroleum gas
Пронько В.С., Шонин О.Б.
Priority date: 14.06.2012

Exploring the possibility of increasing the accuracy of the calibrator fictitious power
Efina V.V.
Priority date: 12.06.2012

Calculation of downhole electrical heating devices for the extraction of heavy oil
Загривный Э.А., Басин Г. Г., Зырин В.О., Маларев В.И.
Priority date: 01.06.2012

Improving the accuracy of the automatic control of load dump
Семенов М.А.
Priority date: 30.05.2012

Brief summary of reforming electricity industry
Гибадуллин А.А.
Priority date: 30.05.2012

Organization of modern underground communication on mines
М.А. Семенов
Priority date: 22.05.2012

Evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects in the electricity sector enterprises
Шилов И.Г., Шилова В.А.
Priority date: 17.05.2012

About prospects of construction of power lines on polyhedral metal supports
Шилов И.Г., Кусиньш Э.Ю.
Priority date: 17.05.2012

Reactor start-up of asynchronous motors from independent electric energy sources of commensurable capacity
Вершинин В.И., Алексеев В.В.
Priority date: 19.04.2012

Adjustable electric drive based on synchronous motor for mine fans
Вершинин В.И., Алексеев В.В.
Priority date: 12.04.2012

Indication of flux linkage components used in variable speed drives with vector control.
Алексеев В.В., Вершинин В.И.
Priority date: 08.04.2012

Electrothermal complex for thermal steam influence on a layer of high-viscosity oil
Зырин В.О., Маларев В.И., Лакота О.Б.
Priority date: 05.04.2012

Evaluating the effectiveness of the use of three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage motors of agricultural machinery in the single-phase circuits with vector-algorithmic control.
Стальная М.И., Еремочкин С.Ю.
Priority date: 03.04.2012

Power supply three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage motors of electrified agricultural machines from single-phase
Стальная М.И., Еремочкин С.Ю.
Priority date: 03.04.2012

Selection the type of model of the asynchronous motor for computer simulation of the electromechanical processes proceeding in the frequency electric drives with algorithms of scalar and vectorial control
Алексеев В.В., Вершинин В.И., Козярук А.Е., Язев В.Н.
Priority date: 29.03.2012

Functional diagram of the automatic exclusion of mine train collision
Кордаков В.Н., Лакота О.Б.
Priority date: 29.03.2012

System of compensation for decreasing the electric field in the rock mass
Семенов М.А.
Priority date: 29.03.2012

Research of possibility of use of dynamic braking in frequency-adjustable electric drives of turbo-mechanism
Алексеев В.В., Вершинин В.И.
Priority date: 26.03.2012

Features of the higher harmonics in electrical networks
Шклярский Я.Э., Скамьин А.Н.
Priority date: 15.03.2012

Assessment of new method of results interpretation of the chromotographic analysis of the gases, which dissolved in transformer oil
Касимова И.Х.
Priority date: 15.03.2012

To determination of boundary values of area of intermittent currents of the adjustable electric drive
Каверин В.В.
Priority date: 14.03.2012

About influence of value of inductivity of an anchor circuit on properties of the thyristor electric drive of a direct current in a recuperative mode
Эм Г.А.
Priority date: 14.03.2012

Forecasting of electric power losses in distributive circuits on the basis of neural networks
Кольцов Ю.В, Бобошко Е.В.
Priority date: 13.03.2012

Virtual electrotechnical laboratory designing
Алюнов А.Н., Ковалева Т.А., Мунцева Н.М., Смирнова Е.В.
Priority date: 09.03.2012

Voltage signalling devices
Красных А.А., Казаковцев В.В.
Priority date: 09.03.2012

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