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Институт повышения квалификации специалистов релейной защиты и автоматики



Online Electric - automation system for electrical on-line calculations (CAE / ONLINE-ELECTRIC.RU), designed for interactive solution of problems arising in the design, installation, optimization and operation of electricity supply systems.

Advantages of system:
- No need to purchase, download and install applications on your computer;
- Ability to connect to the system from anywhere in the world (for example, from a train in Chukotka);
- No need to track and continuously update the software version;
- Built-in database contains background, theoretical and normative information for energy;
- Provision of primary formulas calculations to verify the reliability of the calculations at all stages;
- interactive circuitry allows visually identify goals and choose methods of calculation;
- Flexibility to adopt different variations of the initial data;
- Provision of reference materials at all stages of calculation;
- Comfortable accommodation tips and useful links (for example, the normative literature) at all stages of the calculation;
- Export results of calculations in the files of known formats;
- Ease of verification of the calculations performed by designers, artists with other programs or manually calculate;
- To check their own calculations made by other means - to make sure the designer of the correctness of the decision;
- More opportunity for the builder to check the correctness of calculations made by the designer.
Press about us:
28.11.2008 Article "About calculation and design of power supply systems of buildings" in the system Ielectro.
05.12.2008 The winners and nominees of the contest "Elektrosayt year - 2008" .
15.01.2009 Article "About calculation and design of power supply systems of buildings" in the magazine Electrical Market », № 1, 2009
10.10.2009 Article "Electrical calculations on the Internet" in the electrical Wikipedia.
03/26/2010 Article "The ceremony of awarding the winners of the youth program" Russia Power 2010 " on the website of the Federal Agency for Youth Federation.
What are good online calculations?
"First of all, that do not have long to find the network needed programs, swing them, with terrible cursing, with all sorts of sharing services, puts up with them free of charge and, accordingly, the polyfunctional versions bother installing any software on the system, do not deal with them often very confusing interface.
For all online payments are always much easier and more comfortable - there are mandatory forms, fill them, click "calculate" or something performs the function of running a script, and everything - the result is ready! "(Source: https://povny.blogspot.com )
Why register?
Unregistered users can not use all the features of the calculations "Online Electric. For such users - guests, is available only introductory version of the system, limited input of initial data for calculations, reports, etc.
Users can then simply register and use the payment system online. Scripts allow you to perform an unlimited number of calculations and generate reports in Word. Some programs allow you to plot the dependence (eg, characteristic of the brake differential protection ). Registration and subsequent authorization allows to remove these restrictions and to perform the following calculation (the list of tasks will be permanently updated):

1. Online calculation of grounding device
2. Online calculation of lightning
3. Online calculation of the conditional center of electrical loads (TSEN, UTSEN)
Construction cartograms electrical loads
4. Online conversion of the local estimates in current prices using the base-index method
5. Select the number and capacity of power transformers:
5.1. Select the number and capacity of transformers TA ...
5.2. Calculation of allowable systematic and accidental overloading of power transformers ...
6. Techno-economic comparison of variants of TA
7. Calculation of parameters of single electro
8. Calculation of electrical loads:
8.1. Calculation of electric loads by the utilization rate (for shop)
8.2. Calculation of electric loads by the coefficient of demand (for production)
8.3. Calculation of electrical loads of agricultural energy consumers 0,38 kV
8.4. Calculation of loads by the specific energy consumption per unit of output
9. Compensation of reactive power:
9.1. Calculation and selection of the compensating device on the tire low voltage substations
9.2. Calculation of connection points to KU busbar SMA (SHRA)
9.3. Individual compensation of reactive power
9.4. Calculate the power capacitor bank for voltage regulation in the network
9.5. Compensation of reactive power synchronous motors
9.6. Calculation of payback period capacitor bank
9.7. Compensation of reactive power with the influence of harmonics
9.8. Calculation of the discharge condenser units
10. Calculation of process losses in the transmission of electricity on the grid in the base period:
10.1. Calculation of semi-permanent loss (independent of load)
10.2. Calculation of resistances lines, busbars, transformer (autotransformer)
10.3. Calculation of load power losses in individual elements of electrical networks
10.4. The calculation of losses caused by errors in the accounting system acceptable power
11. Calculation of power and energy losses in power transformers and power lines:
11.1. Calculation of losses in the two-winding transformers ...
11.2. Calculation of losses in the three-winding transformers ...
11.3. Calculation of losses in autotransformers ...
11.4. Calculation of power and energy losses in transmission lines
12. Calculations of relay protection and automatics
12.1. The calculation and choice of settings of the differential protection of power transformer based on the SIRIUS-T
12.2. Calculation difzaschity power transformer relay based on RT-40, RNT-565, DZT-11
12.3. The calculation of MTZ power transformer from the external short circuit and overload relays by RT-40
12.4. Calculation and selection of security features craft transformer (the inclusion of TT in the difference currents)
12.5. Calculation and selection of security features craft transformer (CT inclusion on incomplete star)
12.6. The calculation and choice of settings of two (three)-step relay protection transmission line
12.7. The calculation and choice of settings of relay protection of high voltage electric motors (RT-40 RT-80, RNT-565)
12.8. The calculation and choice of settings of relay protection of high voltage electric motors (MICOM P220)
12.9. Example of calculation of setpoints
13. Calculation, selection and verification of high-voltage cable section:
13.1. The calculation and choice of cable cross-section 6-10 kV XLPE
13.2. Selection and verification of high-voltage cable cross
14. Calculation of voltage drops in the air and cable lines 0,127-330 kV
15. Calculation of electric lighting:
15.1. Calculation of electric lighting (residential and public buildings)
15.2. Calculation of electric lighting (industrial premises)
16. Calculating short-circuit currents:
16.1. Calculation of parameters of direct sequence equivalent circuit network elements
16.2. Calculation of current single-phase short circuit in the network 0,4 kV
16.3. Calculation of capacitive earth fault currents
17. The choice of circuit breakers
18. Fuse Selection
19. Calculation and selection of cross cables, wires and cords up to 1 kV
20. Savings calculator energy-saving lamps
21. Calculation of indicators and the construction schedule of the annual electrical loads:
21.1. Calculation of one daily charts ;
21.2. Calculation of several daily schedules
22. Calculation of the daily schedule and the construction of electrical loads:
22.1. Calculation of one daily charts ;
22.2. Calculation of several daily schedules
23. Select arc suppression reactor to compensate for capacitive earth fault currents in the networks 6-35 kV
24. Selection and verification of high-voltage circuit breakers online
25. Selection and testing of current transformers on-line:
25.1. Selection and testing of current transformers ;
25.2. Checking the TT curves of multiplicity ;
25.3. Checking TT curves of 10% multiplicity
26. Selection and verification of high-voltage disconnectors online
27. Selection and verification of high-traps online
28. Selection and verification of high voltage shorting online
29. Selection and verification of high-voltage earthing online
30. Selection and verification of voltage transformers on-line
31. The choice of nominal voltage electrical network:
31.1. The choice of nominal voltage lines on empirical formulas ;
31.2. The choice of nominal voltage lines tabulated by
32. Online designer of the course project on the electrical part of stations and substations
33. Mechanical calculation of overhead transmission lines (VL, influence - SIP)
34. Decomposition of electrical quantities using symmetric components and the construction of the vector diagrams.
35. Selecting the frequency converter (frequency electric)
36. Calculation of air conditioning systems:
36.1. Calculate the power conditioner (approximate calculation) ;
36.2. Calculate the power conditioner (exact calculation) ;
36.3. Calculate the power conditioner (professional calculation)
37. Calculation motor

Библиографическая ссылка на ресурс "Онлайн Электрик":
Алюнов, А.Н. Онлайн Электрик: Интерактивные расчеты систем электроснабжения / А.Н. Алюнов. - Режим доступа: https://online-electric.ru.

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